Welcome to the UConn Health Laser Capture Microdissecion(LCM) Core
  Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) is a technique that allows scientists to lift specifically targeted kind of tissues or cells from a histological section, leaving behind unwanted tissues or cells that could contaminate the molecular purity of subsequent analysis.

  The UConn Health Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) Facility house three LCM machines and provides LCM technique training and service to all UConn researchers and external institutions. RNA and DNA can be recovered by dissecting fresh and fixed frozen or paraffin sections for molecular analysis.
How to use the Laser Capture Microdissection Service:

  Schedule an initial appointment with the service director or co-director to discuss your project, including what the ultimate downstream application will be and the general feasibility of your project.
   Registration for first time users, establish an account by filling out and submitting a Customer Information Form that you can download or fill the form from our FORM page.
   Sign-up for a three or six–hours training session to learn how to prepare section for LCM and how to use the LCM Machine and (or) how to do RNA evaluation. If you have frozen or paraffin sections of your sample prepared, you can use one of them during your training session. If not, we will provide tissue for you to use for training. Schedule Machine usage for independent user who finished training session. Schedule usage time sign in LCM facility website via the website of UConn ResearchCores.